An extremely sad sight popped up on Reddit recently, showing an accident that involved an Acura NSX getting squashed in between a Subaru Outback Sport and a Toyota Sienna minivan. User Cerberus73 had this description: 

"That van smacked the ‘vette NSX and drove it under the SUV Subaru ahead. The lady in red was trying to calm down the driver (woman, 40s) of the van, but the driver gunned it and started laying rubber. That’s the smoke. I was worried the lady in red was going to get run down, but she (I think) got the keys out. [The] driver was majorly freaking out, spasming, and got a ride to the hospital. There was a 10-ish year old girl in the van, too."

Apparently, something happened to the cop car on the way to the scene, as well, because the cruiser had to be towed away. 

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[via Reddit]

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