For once, this story centered around Russian roadways is about cars in a stagnant position, and it's not because the cars were just totalled, after avoiding a guy cruising down the highway in a grocery cart with a 100hp motor on it. The ridiculous build-up, a result of terribly snowy conditions, settled on the M-10 Highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, a distance of about 125 miles.

Just for some perspective, 125 miles is 220,000 yards, or 220 football fields (minus the endzones). One hundred and twenty-five miles would cover the length of 9.3 Manhattans in a row. You'd have to circle the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 50 times to go 125. It took commuters three days to get through. So, next time you're ready to tear your  wheel out of the steering column and destroy anybody that honks at you, take a Woosah moment and think about how much worsre the jam could be. 

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[via CNN]