About a month ago, we told you about how 11 people in Boston won a $100,000 lottery by using the retired jersey numbers of Red Sox players to fill out their winning tickets. Welllllll…something similar to that just happened again—except, this time, the winner won a lot more money.

According to a new report, Mark Hill—a Missouri man who was one of the two winners of the $587.5 million Powerball lottery earlier this week—picked the winning Powerball numbers (5, 23, 16, 22, 29, and Powerball 6) by using the jersey numbers of his favorite Kansas City Royals players. Those players include George Brett (#5), Mark Gubizca (#23), Bo Jackson (#16), Dennis Leonard (#22), Dan Quisenberry (#29), and Willie Nelson (#6). Hill himself hasn't come out and confirmed this yet. But, several people who know him say he's a big Royals fan and picked the numbers using that strategy.

If this is true, good for him. After all, the poor guy has been cheering for the Royals for all these years. He definitely deserves a couple hundred million for his pain and suffering.

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[via FOX 2 Now]