For today's younger generation, the word "Bugatti" provides an immediate relation to pure speed. Although kids might not know the name Ettore Bugatti—the Italian-born founder of the French automaker—or realize that Bugatti was an extremely successful company in the race world back in the early 1900s, the reborn brand has become synonymous with the phrase "world's fastest car." The Veyron is possibly the most famous and well-recognized supercar of the past 15 years, thanks to its 1,000+ horses and $1-2,000,000 price tag that have set a level of excellence and power that breed fantasy. Most recently there is rumor of the company working on a 1,600hp animal. Before that launches, we wanted to give you a look at how this car has amazingly come to fruition. Read on for The Complete History of the Bugatti Veyron

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