Import models are one of the truer expressions you'll find of what men want. They're not Victoria's Secret Angels. They're not (usually) porn stars. Acting is not required of them, nor is singing. Some dancing (or, rather, bouncing) is sometimes asked for, but it's not exactly ballet or the foxtrot. Most importantly, they need to look good in a bikini standing next to cars or auto parts, take sexy pictures, and have a warm smile that makes them seem accessible to the car nerds. 

And for these very basic traits, this simple ability to embody what men want, import models are adored by their fans. At car shows, they are mobbed by dudes snapping away with their camera phones. That said, if Christine Mendoza and Jeri Lee aren't household names, maybe it's because you're just not living in the right household.

Here they are—the reigning queens, the challengers to the title, and the sexiest newcomers—the 25 hottest import models right now.

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