The video you see here is interesting for two reasons. First, it's interesting because it's crazy to hear all of these reporters trying to bait Rajon Rondo into saying something—anything really—that'll make headlines. We know this kind of stuff obviously happens all the time. But, they don't even try and disguise it here. They may as well have been holding fishing poles during this interview.

Secondly, it's interesting because, after almost two minutes of Rondo ducking and dodging questions, the reporters finally get him to comment on the hard foul that he delivered to Dwyane Wade the other night and D-Wade's response to it after the game that involved him calling RR a punk.

"I don't think it was a hard foul," Rondo explains. "He sold it a little bit, and that's basketball. They were up, he drove to the hole, and I didn't want to give up a layup. Simple as that. I didn't yank him down or dirty plays that you've seen him play in the past, so that's what it is."

Jackpot! That quote alone was worth all the tension you see in this video. Now, when is that next Celtics/Heat game again? January 27? Can't wait!

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[via WEEI]