The new UA Spine Bionic combines structural stability and comfort in a way no other athletic shoe does. The sneaker's upper portion is constructed of bionic fibers that are ultra-light yet strong enough to support even your most violent movements. Beneath your feet lies the patented Spine cushioning, which combines lightweight flexibility and stability, and a one-piece rubber outsole that allows for incredible lateral and linear movement. The UA Spine Bionic makes you just that--bionic, as its performance is truly super human.

Meanwhile, the UA Charge BB gives you the support of a high top with the feel of a low thanks to a technology called "articulation." The heel rises up high to surround--or "articulate"--the ankle, providing maximum support while remaining completely flexible. Within its sole is the patented Micro G® foam, which gives its wearer the maximum amount of comfort, cushioning, and bounce to drive hard and cut quick. Go ahead, release your inner point guard. Lead the Charge

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