Ahhh, ya gotta feel for Michael Vick right now. Even if you hate the guy because of some of the things he's done in the past, MV is running on E this season. He's been sacked like a million and one times. He's trying to recover from a nasty concussion that he suffered a little more than a week ago. And, even though he specifically told his brother Marcus Vick to "shut off the Twitter" after his recent Twitter outburst against the Eagles, it appears as though the younger Vick didn't listen.

Yesterday, Marcus jumped on Twitter and sent out this tweet:

Hmmm…Because Marcus didn't offer up any further explanation or deny the subsequent media reports, we have to assume that the "FATBOY" in question here is Eagles head coach Andy Reid (see Reid's photo in the thumbs above and draw your own conclusion). And, we also have to assume that Michael and Marcus Vick are going to have yet another sit-down to discuss the younger Vick's Twitter habits any minute now. So we feel for you, Mike. What a headache.

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[via Hot Clicks]