Last night, we told you about how Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo got into an altercation at the end of the Nets/Celtics game. The mini-brawl ended with Humphries, Rondo, and Gerald Wallace getting ejected from the game.

And, long after the game ended, Humphries was still dealing with side effects from the fight. Specifically, he suffered a few really deep scratches on his shoulder that he thought he might need a tetanus shot for. So, he took to his Twitter account and unleashed this:

Anyone know where I can get a quick Tetanus shot in Boston?

— Kris Humphries (@KrisHumphries) November 29, 2012

He also posted a pic of his mauled shoulder (see it in the thumbnails above), which, we should warn you, is pretty nasty. Sounds like it should be tons of fun when these two teams meet again on Christmas Day, huh?

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[via Kris Humphries]