The Internet went nuts with the death stare Kobe gave Mike Brown Wednesday night seconds before their 95-86 loss to the Utah Jazz. When asked about it today at practice, Kobe said:

"I don't give a shit how it was interpreted, It doesn't really matter to me. I'm too old to deal with that stuff. I really am. I've been his biggest supporter. So, I'm really too old to be dealing with childish things." And then added, "God, people are bored."

Well, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but we'll let Kobe cook. The Lakers are 1-4, but hope to get Steve Nash sometime soon. His leg will be reevaluated again on Saturday. In the meantime, the team is trying to think positive thoughts and not let this sluggish start affect the rest of the year. The NBA is an 82 game marathon and no one understands that better than this veteran Laker team. Los Angeles play Golden State tomorrow night, let's see if they can start to turn this thing around.

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