This is the Khan Defender Concept 17 Wide Body - Harris Tweed Prototype, which is certainly more name than any car needs, but we don't really care because it's awesome. The exterior of this big black Rover is intimidating, like most Kahn Land Rovers. The exterior of the greatest Land Rover of all has been granted new multi-spoke 18" wheels, an imposing wide-body kit, a mesh hood, a new stainless steel grille, and some LED lights.

The interior, however, is where things get truly creative. Yes, there are the predictable swathes of leather, alcantara, and piano-black wood, but more notable is the Harris Tweed. The kind of people who drive Defenders in the Scottish highlands while toting break-action shotguns wear Harris Tweed, so why shouldn't the interior of the vehicle sport some as well? There's absolutely no reason why not, this SUV looks great, no doubt performs just as well, and is 100% bad-ass.

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[via Kahn Design]

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