NBA players enjoy spending their free time with hot chicks. We know, we know. SHOCKER! But, apparently, they enjoy it so much that they're helping keep the bank accounts of a few lucky young ladies afloat. One of those ladies is Jenna Shea, who took to her Twitter account recently to brag about how she pulled in a mountain of cash in one night. Terez Owens claims that the $20K in her Instagram picture came from Rockets guard James Harden. And, while we can't confirm that, we can confirm that Jenna is making major bank right now and that she's not afraid to reveal where it's coming from.

"I get paid by the NBA so much," she tweeted, "I should be signed to a team #literally while u basic hoes watch from tv FOH."

Peep the thumbs to see more pics of Jenna (who, at one time, was reportedly involved with Yung Berg) as well as the shots that she put up on Twitter recently. Let's hope this isn't the only thing James Harden is spending all of his cash on these days, because this isn't the first time we're hearing a story like this.

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[via Terez Owens]