Listen, we know that the temptation is hard to resist. But, if you're a college athlete getting ready to play in some sort of game or match against Penn State, please don't use the opportunity to make Jerry Sandusky jokes on Twitter.

Boston College soccer player Stephanie McCaffrey just found out what might happen if you do the hard way. Yesterday, McCaffrey sent out a few tweets that included references to Sandusky because BC was getting set to take on the Penn State soccer team in the NCAA Tournament today. Her Twitter account has since been deleted, but here are some examples of the types of tweets she was sending out:

"I wonder if well get into the visitors locker room at Penn State…"

"Raping at penn state to getting raped in state penn…#beatPennState #santouchsky #legggooeags"

"Sandusky used to cart the kids around in this #handydeliverytrucks"

Uh, yeah. We don't know WTF she was thinking. But, because of her tweets, she was sidelined for today's game against the Nittany Lions. Let this be a lesson to all the other student-athletes out there: Just say no to making Jerry Sandusky jokes on Twitter.

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[via USA Today]