Believe it or not, the iconic nose of this Ferrari Enzo was once diving straight into the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the same car that painfully lost control and fell off track into a watery crash at the 2011 Targa Newfoundland rally. Like we told you in May, the owner wasn't simply going to let this top-notch work of machinery go to waste. Already labelled the XX Evolution as an Edo Competition-tuned Enzo with 180 additional horses before the crash, ZR Auto owner Zahir Rana vowed to bring this back to life with another 110 horsepower added.

The ZXX you see above is the result. It now has Edo Competition wheels, a new exhaust, a highly tuned V12, and a bright white and yellow paint job. Producing a reported 950 total horsepower, the ZXX is the fastest Enzo ever. 

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