Game: 2009 ALCS, Game 4
Anaheim Angels vs. New York Yankees

Sometimes a call is so egregious that it can't be ignored and third base umpire Tim McClelland's performance in the '09 ALCS deserves an especially bright spotlight. After blowing a sacrifice fly call an inning earlier, McClelland was given an opportunity to save his game with an easy call with a pair of stationary Yankees tagged out in front of him. 

In Game 4 of the ALCS, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada found himself in a rundown between third and home. As Angels catcher Mike Napoli ran Posada back to third, Robinson Cano approached the bag from second, the bottle neck resulted in Napoli standing between Cano and Posada—neither was on a base. Wisely, Napoli tagged both players in what was a clear double play. McClelland balked at the bizarre situation and inexplicably called Cano safe. The game's commentator, Tim McCarver, would say in shock, "This was an easy call." #noshitsherlock