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Subcompact cars: they can fit two people comfortably, and as many as five uncomfortably; they sure as hell weren't made to fit 20. Melanie Minnie, a South African school teacher, was fined the other day for being caught with 19 children stuffed into her tiny Renault Clio like little crying packing peanuts. 

Amazingly, the story gets worse form there: The reason all of these children were in her car was that she was taking them back from a trip to the mall to get hamburgers, and it was the second load. This means that she was leaving groups of children unsupervised at the mall

That said, we do think that Renault's advertising department could use this: "The Renaul Clio is so spacious that you can put three children in the front seat, six in the back seat, and as many as 10 in the cargo area."

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[via The Sun]

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