Stern Sacks the Timberwolves vs. Goodell’s No Fun League

Match-up: After the '99 lockout, teams rushed to sign players and decode the league's newly adopted salary cap restrictions. The Timberwolves made an admitted mistake by trying to convince Joe Smith to sign below market value on the condition that the franchise would sign him to a much more lucrative deal the following season.

Football's a game that encourages bone crunching hits, but a celebratory touchdown dance or wearing your sock too high is a sure to garner a $10K fine. NFL uniforms look dated and most of the innovation and style comes from the college game. 

Winner: Roger Goodell

The NFL forced the NFL Blitz video game to remove late hits. For real. The NFL has always been stuck up its own ass. If you need proof, take a shot every time Jon Gruden says "in the National Football League" during a national broadcast. "N-F-L" is a lot easier to say and it would save him a few hundred syllables per broadcast, but everyone associated with the game takes pride in its pretentiousness.