Jay-Z owns 0.067 percent of the Nets and less than 0.2 percent of the Barclays Center but it's hard not to bring up the music mogul when you talk about anything even remotely involving the Nets these days. So it came as a bit of a shock when Hova incorrectly pronounced the name of Nets superstar PG Deron Williams at his christening of the Barclays Center. Williams has talked openly about how this has irked him throughout his career from college to the pros, and partially blames his mom because of the spelling of the name. Maybe others who have no TV, radio, or any other contacts with the modern world couldn't be blamed for butchering the pronunciation, but not the owner and biggest public supporter of the team. This is a "c'mon son" moment if we've ever seen one, this reminds us of last postseason when the mayor of Boston called his two best players "KJ and Hondo."