Hurricane Sandy sucks! Not because she's going to cause tons and tons of damage to the East Coast. Not because she's going to knock out power to millions of people. And not because she's going to leave some of us picking through our dumpsters for something to eat in a few days. But because she's probably going to affect the start of the NBA season!

Okay, okay. So, in all seriousness, those other three things we just mentioned are way more important and pressing than the NBA season. And, we're praying for the best in terms of the impact that Sandy is going to have over the course of the next 24 hours or so. But, we also want to point out that there's a chance that the storm could affect a couple games at the start of the NBA season.

Tomorrow night, the Lakers open things up against the Mavericks in a game that will be unaffected by Sandy (unless you take into account the fact that many of us may be without power and unable to watch the game). But, on Wednesday, there could be some trouble. The 76ers are set to host the Nuggets in a game that could potentially be postponed since no flights are currently coming into the Philadelphia area. Likewise, the Pacers are set to travel to Toronto to face the Raptors on Wednesday and that game could also be postponed because of flight problems. And, on Thursday, the Knicks and Nets are set to play at the Barclays Center for the first time. We don't anticipate any issues with travel there. But, if things get really bad, fans could have trouble getting to the game if they don't live right in Brooklyn near the arena.

Stay tuned, say some prayers, and let's all hope Sandy isn't as bad as we think she's going to be. And, most of all, stay safe out there, people.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]