Dwight Howard says he doesn't drink. And, we believe him. There are plenty of athletes out there who don't drink because they want to do everything they can to keep themselves in tip-top shape. But, Howard did just admit that he slipped up over the summer after finding out that he got traded to the Lakers and enjoyed his first sip of alcohol ever as a result of it.

"Dwight has never been drunk in his life," ESPN's Dave McMenamin reported on his Twitter page late yesterday. "In fact, he's only had one alcoholic drink in his 26 years: a celebratory shot of CIROC…with his friends when the Lakers trade became official this summer."

Wait, so Howard went 26 years without drinking a single drop of alcohol and then decided to break the ice with a shot of straight vodka? Yikes. We bet that celebration went well.

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[via Sulia]