Cadillac did a two-seater in recent memory: it was the XLR, which was basically just a Corvette with a higher price tag, a nicer interior, and looks that made one think of an electric travel shaver. It didn't last long.

Cadillac recognizes that i is currently in need of a halo car, however. While one option that has been oft-rumored is a large sedan that will go head to head with the Mercedes S-Class, and hopefully be exactly like the beautiful Ciel concept from the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, it has now surfaced that a two-seat sports car is also in the cards. While we know nothing about this car, other than the fact that we would go nuts with excitement if it has a V12 or V16 like the old-school Caddies, the newly appointed head of Cadillac did say "It would be the car everyone looks at and says, 'Wow, Cadillac is smoking.'"

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[via Left Lane News]

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