When: 9/20/2012

If there is one golden rule to celebrating it is unequivocally, "don't celebrate when you're getting beat down!" Somehow, Ace Boogie didn't get the memo and decided he'd give his Superman Pose following his Panthers lone TD to that point on the losing end of a 23-7 game in the third quarter against the Giants. Now Cam, we know we told you not to be a sore loser but this is unacceptable, you're not allowed to get that hype when you're getting your ass beat by the Super Bowl champs. By the end of the game Newton was back to sulking on the sideline as usual, but this moment stuck out to most who watched. The Charlotte Observer seemed to hark back on the odd celebration when they released this cartoon depicting a hello kitty symbol underneath Cam's jersey for his superman attire. Shots have been fired and have connected, you're taking the L on this one son.