When does sports fandom go way too far? Obviously, being a repulsive fan ranks pretty high up there. But what happens when one's allegiance to a sports franchise or just being in attendance brings about violence? 

On October 7th, a Bears fan named William C. “Chris” Pettry visited Jacksonville on the weekend that Chicago was facing the Jaguars. Unfortunately, that trip turned horribly wrong when Petty died after getting his throat slashed by Matthew Hinson inside the restaurant, Fionn MacCool’s. Hinson claims that his actions were in response to Chris talking to his wife, the suspect is being held without bond for a murder charge. 

This month's events were an unfortunate end to Pettry's life, but sadly, this isn’t the first time that sports fans being in the wrong places at the wrong times have resulted in violent deaths. Take a look at a few other examples in A Recent History of Deadly Fan Violence.

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