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Back in 1992, McDonald's created a special sandwich called the "McJordan" that was available in several U.S. markets for a limited time. The sandwich included a special McJordan BBQ sauce that was distributed to all of the owner-operators in those markets. And, one of those owner-operators decided to hang on to a bottle of the McJordan BBQ sauce as a collector's item. That turned out to be a very, very good decision.

The owner-operator—a man named Mort Bank who owned a bunch of McDonald's branches in North Dakota back in the 1990s—just sold that bottle of McJordan BBQ sauce for $9,995 on eBay. He originally listed it for $10,000, but he decided to accept an offer that came in shortly after the BBQ sauce started getting a lot of publicity on the 'net.

"I've got quite a bit of McDoanld's memorabilia," Bank said shortly after the sale. "This was on my shelf, and my daughter who helps me with eBay said, 'I wonder what something like this could be worth?' I said, 'I can't imagine anyone else saved it.' It only could have been another owner-operator. We decided to see what we could get…I said I I can remember a chicken nugget someone said looked like Jesus that sold on eBay for, what, $6000? You have to use your imagination to even think it looks like that. This is an actual product."

An actual product that just earned Bank a nice chunk of change. Excellent foresight, sir.

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