Right now is a fantastic to hit the links for a round of 18. There's no rush of the initial openening of the season, the temperature has cooled down, so the sun isn't leaving you with sunglass tans and sweat-soaked polos, and there's not a lot of time before it gets too chilly.

In order to properly play a round it's necessary that you've got these five things: drinks, stogies, a sick driver cover like a hedgehog, a lot of balls that you don't care about hitting into the water hazards, and a dope golf cart. That last one is what this list is an ode to. The simple restricted Club Car doesn't cut it anymore. At the very least it's gotta have a custom paint job. Everybody on this list went up, up and far beyond that minimum, with Ferrari, Camaro, and Hummer replicas. Check out who's rolling into the 19th hole in style with these 25 Crazy Golf Cars

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