The NFL locked out their referees in early June. Here we are more than three months later with no end in sight. The preseason and first two weeks of regular season action were filled with blown calls, mishandling of timeouts and stage fright whenever the replacements got on the mic. Current and former players have voiced their frustrations while the fans have been witnessing a lackluster product on a weekly basis.

The NFLRA, the referee union, is standing strong as they should. The NFL makes billions of dollars annually and refuses to give their players guaranteed deals and just now started providing a worthy healthcare plan. They also refuse to pay the guys that are supposed to keep the game clean and safe, which is kinda counterproductive given what the NFL gave up in the new CBA. Roger Goodell hasn't done a good job since taking over for Paul Tagliabue in 2006. Even Tagliabue was able to get D-I level refs when he was faced with the same situation in 2001. So, to get more knowledge about what's going on, check out our breakdown of the ramifications and reasons behind the NFL referee lockout.

Written by Angel Diaz (@graffnameramo)

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