How is it that professional car photos are always so much better than yours? These Nissan photographers will you what you're missing in the realm of technique, and we'll tell you that if you really want to stop taking crappy photos, you'll need to ditch the iPhone with a lens kit and buy a real camera already. What you need to know is.

  • Get your ass out of bed; The best shots are taken just before sunrise.
  • Wear kneepads; the best shots are often low-angle.
  • Clean the car, fool.
  • Try not to take pictures with a dreary Seattle back-drop.
  • Have a cool car. That said, these guys can even make a Sentra look cool.

There you have it. Have fun posting really good pictures of your '84 Corolla with a missing door and three space-saver spares on Twitter.

[via Nissan]

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