Last night's Sunday Night Football game between the Patriots and Ravens was poorly officiated. And, when we say "poorly officiated," we mean "Holy $#%^, was that bad! We're glad we're not fans of New England or Baltimore!" But, that doesn't make this OK.

After kicker Justin Tucker made a field goal at the end of regulation to give the Ravens a 31-30 win, Pats coach Bill Belichick tracked down one of the replacement referees who worked the game and attempted to scream on him. But, the ref jogged right by him, so Belichick grabbed his arm and attempted to slow him down.

That's obviously a no-no. So, expect Belichick to get a fine—a big fine—sometime early this week. Maybe the NFL can use it to help pay off the real refs so that they're back in time for next week's slate of games.

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[via Pro Football Talk]