Stemming from its original purpose to conceal, camouflage has an inherent toughness attached to it. It draws from soldiers, hunters, and warriors that used the typically earth-tone colorways to keep out of sight and in a vantage point. These days, however, the pattern has jumped to the opposite realm as a fashion staple, and as cars are concerned, a grandiose way to stand out. No longer restricted to greens and browns, camo can be seen in digital blocks, in wavy pinks, in tight leafy designs, or even in black and white. On the streets, camo is purely a statement and a reflection of your personality. We tracked down some car owners with this mindset and picked out the best of the best. Check out these 25 Crazy Camouflage Cars, including a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, a WRX STI, and a Ferrari 599. 

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