Doc Rivers wants the Celtics to hate the Heat when they take the floor for the first time this season on October 30. In fact, he wants them to hate the Heat so much that he's spent the entire offseason telling his players every single day how much they should hate the Heat. He's worn a LeBron James mask around the Celtics facility. He's told Rajon Rondo that Ray Allen thinks his mother is ugly. He's even informed Kevin Garnett that old-ass Juwan Howard thinks he's old! (and, yes, we know Juwan probably isn't going to play for the Heat again this season, but do you think KG really cares about that? He just called him OLD! KG is about to punch him right in the...yo, Juwan, run! RUN NOW! QUICKLY!)

Okay, okay. So, he hasn't actually done any of those things (not to our knowledge, at least). But, he's apparently done plenty of other things to instill a lot of hatred for the Heat around the Celtics facility.

"I have my eye squarely on Miami," he said recently. "I come up to my players during the year—they're in the facility now—I bring up Miami every single day to them. I want them to hate them. I want them to beat them. That's gotta be our focus."

Word. We're glad to see that the Cs are really trying to contend with Miami this season. It should make things pretty interesting in the Eastern Conference. As if they needed to be anymore interesting than they already are...

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[via Fan Nation]

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