Recently, Jason Terry got a tattoo that features the Boston Celtics leprechaun holding the Larry O'Brien trophy on the tip of its finger. It was cute and all, but surely Terry—who hasn't played a single game for the Celtics yet—wasn't guaranteeing a championship next season by getting that tattoo. Er, right? RIGHT?!?

Sigh. Turns out, that's exactly what he was doing. He was asked about the tatt the other day and admitted that he did get it to predict an 18th NBA title for Beantown.

"There's the lucky leprechaun," he said, "and he's spinning the Larry O'Brien trophy, which we will win this year. If I looked at our team and what they accomplished last year, they're one game away. They're one game away from going back to the NBA Finals and I think they win it. This year, put a little 'Jet fuel' into the mix, and I think we have the team."

Love the confidence, Jet. But, you have seen the Celts roster, correct? Or, better yet, you've seen the new Miami Heat roster, right? If not, go take a look before you go making anymore guarantees. This might not be your year.

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[via Eye On Basketball]

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