The Hyundai Geneis Coupe hasn't made a whole lot of noise in the racing world up to this point, but that's all going to change once SEMA rolls around next month. AKR Performance is the first shop to release information about a new track-customized Genesis in the works, based on the 3.8-liter V6 R-Spec model.

The race-ready custom is decked out with a new carbon fiber hood, rear deck and wing. It also has a new rear diffuser, fender flares, a splitter and lightweight rims. The horsepower was pumped up from 348 to 395 with a Brian Crower stroker kit, a new intake, new headers, new exhaust, and a new crankshaft. All of that will stop on a dime with a massive brake and suspension upgrade that includes six-piston calipers and an ARK coilover system. Track day can't come soon enough. 

[via Motor Authority]