Old Navy isn't known for their sporting gear, but they're trying to change that. They have a NFL Team Champions Collection that they're selling online that's supposed to celebrate various team's championship years. But they have a couple issues with the merchandise. A few of the shirts are historically inaccurate. The Houston Texans, for example, have only been around since 2002, yet Old Navy says they won the 1961 AFC Championship. We think they were referring to the Houston Oilers—now the Tennessee Titans—and there wasn't an AFC back in those days either. The brand also has the Cleveland Browns listed as the 1964 NFC Championship when they were the NFL Champions that year. The 1969 Kansas City Chiefs and the 1968 New York Jets are listed as NFL Champions when they were members of the AFL during that time period. Old Navy needs to find themselves better researchers.

So folks, save your money lest you feel like walking around looking like a fool.

[via The Big Lead]