Head Coach: Henry Iba
Roster: Bill Bradley (G/F), Larry Brown (G), Walt Hazzard (G/F), Melvin Counts (C), Jim Barnes (C), Joe Caldwell (G/F), Richard Davies (G), Lucious Jackson (F), Pete McCaffery (F), Jeff Mullins (G/F), George Wilson (F), Jerry Shipp (G)
Record: 9-0
Margin of Victory: 30
Medal: Gold
In the first of three straight stints as Team USA's head coach, Hank Iba put together a nice team of future NBA players like Bill Bradley, Walt Hazzard, Larry Brown, and Mel Counts. 1964 was a time of turmoil for Americans. The Civil Rights Movement was in full swing and black athletes threatened to boycott the Olympics. That move would've spelled doom for Team USA, being that even back then the black athlete played a major role in America's athletic success. Plus, the Soviets made strides in recent years and were considered to the favorites to win gold by some. The '64 team was going to have a hard time living up to the legendary '56 and '60 teams.

Out of the nine games they played, Team USA had trouble against Yugoslavia, Puerto Rico and of course, the USSR. The US and USSR faced off in the gold medal game with both teams being undefeated. After a slow start, the US beat the Soviets by 14 in impressive fashion, adding another gold to the trophy case.