Tony Parker is actually a big fan of hip-hop. However, just because you're a fan doesn't necessarily you mean you should start rapping, It's not that we have anything against rapping in French (he does so for his entire studio album, TP). It's that the song and video as a whole don't make much sense.

First of all that beat is just extremely weak. And while Fabolous' verse is OK, it just doesn't make the song any better (maybe because the beat is just THAT bad). Plus, the party that's going on seems lame, with the same overhead shot of the same group of people. Then, Tim Duncan, Parker, Robert Horry, and Nazr Mohammed randomly decide to play a basketball game, which would've been fine if we didn't have to watch them play 82 times a year already.

Sure enough, this wouldn't be Parker's last unfortunate encounter with hip-hop.