"You know ever since I turned pro in 1989, when I signed the dotted line/People's strange, cause things change for the better and for the worse/So I called my momma and she said "Baby, must be the money."

Thus begins one of the most ridiculous, unforgivable, preposterous, and downright worst displays of narcissism ever committed to tape. We understand having haters sucks. But if you're gonna make a song in response, at least rhyme like you're half way sober. Deion Sanders was in his late twenties when he made "Must Be the Money," but he dances with the video models with the swag and awkwardness of a 5th grader at the Valentines' Day dance.

Fun Fact: Sanders, who was signed to MC Hammer's label, filmed the video at the emcee's house before it went up for auction as Hammer went broke. So yeah, definitely was the money.