Michael Phelps has gone on the record in the past and talked about the fact that he listens to Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy before big races. But, he took his love for the two rappers to new heights yesterday when he won a gold medal in the 200-meter IM race—and then name-dropped them during an interview with NBC's Andrea Kremer.

"I've been enjoying myself," he said, "And, yes, I have been able to have some pretty cool things. I got a tweet from Lil Wayne. [Ryan Lochte and I] got tweets from Jeezy."

The tweets he's referring to are below:

Oh, and then there was a tweet from President Obama earlier in the week, too:

But, c'mon: The President isn't Weezy or Jizzle! We see you, Phelps.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]