“My positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used." Those were the words uttered by Melky Cabrera after he was caught with a spiked level of testosterone in his system and subsequently suspended for 50 games. Ironically, the statement coincides with a revealing report published today by the New York Daily News, which is claiming that Melky created a fake website to dodge any punishment from the MLB.

In his appeal of the suspension, Melky exposed a website where the Giants outfielder "bought" a product that contained a banned substance. Immediately afterwards, the MLB department of investigations looked into the site and the truth was eventually revealed. With the help of his "associates," Cabrera purchased a website for $10,000 that claimed to sell a fictitious topical cream in order to thwart any hint of wrongdoing on Melky's part. But to use a baseball metaphor, his efforts were all a swiiiiiing and a miss.

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[via New York Daily News]

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