General Motors has been climbing an uphill battle with the production of the Chevrolet Volt. For every pat on the back the car receives, it takes two complaints pounding it down. Price, efficiency, cost, recalls; the car hasn't been able to maintain a steady good image. However, a recent breakthrough might rocket the Volt, and all other GM electric projects to the forefront of the EV industry. 

GM CEO Dan Akerson announced this week that a GM-backed battery company called Envia Systems has developed a cheaper way for lithium-ion batteries to store more energy. With a possible cut to half price, the new technology could bring a car to drive 100 miles on a single charge, and possibly to 200 miles in the future. GM and Envia hope to reach the 100-mile charge in two years. As a reference point, the Volt currently gets up to 35 miles on one charge.  

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[via Left Lane News]