Since suffering a devastating ACL injury during the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs, we haven't heard much from Derrick Rose. But, in a recent interview with CSN Chicago, D-Rose opened up about what it was like for him to sustain the worst injury of his NBA career.

"I remember it," he said. "I remember everything. I remember jumping in the air and coming back down and just that popping sound. I felt it actually tear when I laid all the way out and it just let go. I didn't have much pain after that."

He also remembers the first time Bulls doctor Brian Cole gave him the bad news and told him he'd suffered a torn ACL. "[He] came up to me and told me it was torn," he said. "I couldn't believe it. That's the closest to death, the closest to death I've got right there, where it just seemed like the wind and everything was taken out [of me]."

Millions of Bulls fans all over the country can definitely relate, Derrick. Get well real soon.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]