The Miami Heat will be considered the best team in the NBA when the 2012-13 season starts on October 30th. After earning the trophy, that's the distinction the Heat receive over every other franchise in the league. However, after the Los Angeles Lakers utilized this off-season to build a solid supporting cast around Kobe Bryant, some folks are already trying to knock the crown off of Miami's head. In that company is member of the Heat Big 3, Chris Bosh, who appeared on the “Kup & Goldie Show” on WQAM in Miami on Friday and said that the Lakers are the best team in the league “on paper.”

“The Lakers, I think, right now, I mean on paper, they probably have the best team in the West and probably the league right now,” Bosh said, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “On paper. I’m saying on paper. But it’s a lot, a lot, it’s a long season. And the best team always isn’t the one who starts out the season as the best team.

Bosh did make sure to mention that his team is the defending champs, but followed that up by saying, "we have to start off from scratch. We have a lot of chemistry building to do. And we have to come out there and we have to start over. We know favorites and all that stuff really doesn’t matter.” While you gotta commend CB for taking the humble approach, he does know that he's got Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for teammates, right? Sound off and tell us who you think is the best team on paper.      

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[via Larry Brown Sports]