Who do you think is the best point guard in the NBA? Derrick Rose, when healthy? Russell Westbrook? Where does Rajon Rondo rank? If you ask Rondo himself, he should head and shoulders above everyone else. While speaking from the World Basketball Festival earlier this week, the Celtics guard didn't pull any punches when the topic of top points in the league came up. “As I said at any time, I’ve matured a lot and my game also,” Rondo told Basket Session. “I think I’m the best point guard in the league.”

At first, we couldn't believe Rondo would come out with some crazy talk like that, however on second thought, it doesn't sound so crazy. Yeah, you would want your point guard to have a better jump shot, but how many dudes playing the one can drop triple-doubles like nothing? Most guys can either dish the ball or score at will yet not many players are as complete at the point as Rajon. OK, you've convinced us, RR.      

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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