Gunther Holtorf has likely seen more amazing places in person than you've seen on a monitor clicking through pages on the Internet. The slideshow below takes us through an incredible story of a 74-year-old man who has been traveling across the world since 1989, when he began his journey in a G-Wagon with his wife. Although the fact that he's traveled 800,000 kilometers (500,000 miles), equivalent to about 20 times around the world, is unfathomable, even more surprising is how little attention he's gotten. This BBC report is the first time his story has made the news. 

Gunther and his wife skipped many of the traveling expenses by sleeping in his Mercedes-Benz Otto and making their own meals. The main costs have been gas and shipping the vehicle between islands and continents. Gunther, who turned down a sponsorship at one point, has documented the journey through the lenses of two Leica cameras. Although he started the trip with his wife, she has unfortunately since passed away, remaining with him on his path through spirit and a picture hanging from Gunther's rearview mirror. His car has lived on, only malfunctioning in minor ways, such as flat tires. In words of wisdom, Gunther starts the slideshow by saying, "the more you have traveled, the more you realize how little you have seen."

[via BBC]