Most pro basketball players would kill to play alongside a player like LeBron James. This summer, Kevin Durant would rather not be bothered.

Yesterday, KD was asked what it's like to play next to the guy who prevented his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, from winning an NBA championship last season. And, he didn't pull any punches, going as far as to say that it annoys him to see LeBron everyday.

"It does," he said, "but what can you do? He's my teammate now. I'm a team player. I can't let that affect this. This is bigger than that. It's tough to lose in the Finals and play the guy you've been going up against for five games who beat you. So, me, I'm just going to get over it, still be a great teammate, come out, and play hard."

Right answer, KD. But, we can't help but wonder if it's the same one you'll give in 20 years when they're writing a book about this team. Hmmm…

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]