As we've established before, "Go Skateboarding Day" is essentially a day for adults. While we wish every day could be "Go Skateboarding Day," we all realistically just can't make it out everyday. So, we present this quick re-cap video, for those of you sad sacks who couldn't even make it out on this holiest of all holy days. The folks at SHUT Skateboards and Vans, including Michael Cohen, Brad Clarke, and Alex Corporan linked up to bring you a feel of what was happening in the city that never sleeps this past June 21st.

Check out the re-cap featuring Chad Muska, Erik Ellington, Pat Hoblin, Rodney Smith and Tim Brodhagen, among others making stops at the Ace Hotel, The Hundreds, Chrome, SHUT, and The Meatball Shoppe in NYC.

[via Rad Collector]