When we heard that Dez Bryant had been arrested on a "family violence charge" last night, we figured it was for something relatively minor. Not to downplay "family violence," but we figured that, at worst, he got into it with one of his uncles or brothers or something and that police had to intervene. Turns out, we were wayyyyyyy off. According to the DeSoto Police Department in DeSoto, Texas, Bryant was actually arrested after he allegedly grabbed his mother's hair and hit her in the face with his hat. That's right—his mother!

"It's pretty straightforward," DeSoto Police Captain Ron Smith said earlier today. "He and his mom got into an argument. It's physical. She got some injuries. We made the arrest…Whatever led to it is really not an issue for us. We have an injured person. We have a suspect. We're going to move forward."

Again, his mother?!? Damn. What a sad, sad story.

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[via Pro Football Talk]