Over the weekend, the rosters for the 83rd annual MLB All-Star Game, which will be held next Tuesday in Kansas City, were announced. And, you know what that means: Time for guys who didn't make the team to lodge their complaints—regardless of whether or not they actually deserve spots.

Two players who probably should have made the NL roster, though, are Cincinnati Reds players Brandon Phillips and Johnny Cueto. But, despite their stellar first half stats, they were both snubbed and it's caused controversy because some baseball analysts out there think that NL manager Tony LaRussa blackballed them from this year's game following the large role they played in a brawl between the Red and LaRussa's Cardinals in 2010. But, is that really the reason they're not on the team? LaRussa has denied that accusation and Phillips has refused to talk about it, but Cueto had some interesting thoughts about why he feels he was left off the team this season—and it has nothing to do with the Reds/Cards brawl.

"I see that I have great numbers," Cueto said yesterday. "I thought the way I pitched this year, I'd have a chance to go to the All-Star Game. I don't know what happened. I don't know if the manager of the All-Star Game is pissed at me because I went out with one of his girlfriends."

Hmmm…Probably not the most mature way to handle the situation. But, hey: If you're gonna get left off the team anyway, why not fire off a few shots and burn some bridges? Enjoy the All-Star break, Johnny!

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[via Big League Stew]