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June's here (almost) and the Spurs are going to win the NBA Finals which means the days are long and your sports watching options are snoozy*. So, baseball? Yeah, we know, we just told you why MLB thinks you're stupid, so telling you that there are baseball stories this season that you should be anticipating makes us look pretty dumb. But tell us something we don't already know.

Fact is, this baseball season is looking pretty interesting. The teams with the four highest payrolls are struggling, a couple perennial doormats are in first place at the moment, and the game's most tattooed and compelling figure is making a run at the history books. Yes, you'll still want to drink excessively to make the whole thing a little more palatable, but these are the 10 Most Anticipated Baseball Stories of the Summer.

*The Spurs are actually really fun to watch. If you're still making "the Spurs are boring" jokes, you don't know what you're talking about. Which, guilty as charged.

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