A few weeks ago, we told you about how Adam "Pacman" Jones had been invited to speak at the NFL Rookie Symposium this year. Late last week, he made his much-anticipated appearance at the symposium to talk to the Class of 2012 about what they should do both on and off the field to make sure they're prepared to survive in the NFL. Colts rookie tight end Coby Fleener was in attendance at the symposium and he told Sports Illustrated's Peter King about some of the things Pacman discussed. And, the most interesting nugget by far was Pacman's admission that he once managed to spend an astonishing $1 million in a single weekend back when he first came into the NFL.

That confession led one of Pacman's fellow panelists Terrell Owens to blurt out, "Man, you crazy!" And, if you've shocked T.O. when it comes to spending money, then you know that whatever you did really was crazy.

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[via SI]