It was only about six years ago when Terrell Owens signed a 3-year, $25 million deal with the Dallas Cowboys. He had just come off his fifth-straight Pro Bowl appearance and his talent still made NFL executives salivate despite his rep as "Team Obliterator" © Skip Bayless. But a lot can change in six years. Nancy Hass of GQ caught up with the controversial wide receiver who's been out of the league since 2010. Child support payments (four baby mamas is a bit much), bad investments, and dealing with a shady financial adviser have Owens in world financial trouble. In addition to losing millions, T.O. says he's also lost a lot of friends in the process. Even Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, his friends from The T.O. Show are gone now.

Damn, even Monique and Kita, huh? *cues up the soundtrack*

[via GQ]